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The study of an application is a fundamental stage, involving in-depth analysis with the customer in order to gain a thorough understanding of the requirements and consequent definition of solutions.
  • Study of issues with Customer
  • Solution analysis
  • Regulatory research
  • Components research
  • Functional check
  • Solution engineering
Over 40 years' experience in automation enables us to offer the customer the most tried and tested and technologically advanced solutions.
Vast experience in working with potentially explosive atmospheres teamed with constant regulatory updating allows us to cover all the requirements of automation and human-machine interface, providing solutions with both CENELEC/ATEX and UL/FM certification for the American market: a guarantee of a safe and rational solution in which there is never any room for approximation and improvisation.
A technical department of over 30 staff is always ready to deal with a wide variety of issues, safe in the knowledge of offering comprehensive and customer-oriented service.

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